Selling a pharmacy?

Get the highest possible price.

Know the facts and get the highest possible price when selling a pharmacy

Prudential Consulting Broker Services offers full brokerage, valuation, listing, and negotiation services required to sell a pharmacy. Fully licensed to represent clients nationwide, we have the expertise to assist in any aspect of buying or selling a pharmacy.
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Selling a pharmacy?

Get the highest possible price.

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Buying a pharmacy?

Utilize our experience.

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Looking for a loan?

Let national lenders compete for your business.

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Don’t leave money on the table.

Know the true value of your pharmacy business.

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Not a simple sale.

Selling a pharmacy is more than a business decision. It is your life’s commitment, your life savings, and your retirement. Your pharmacy plays an important role in your community, and for your employees, it is their livelihood as well.

When considering selling your pharmacy, it is important to know all the facts to get the highest possible price. That’s where an experienced pharmacy broker can help. Continue reading

A trusted expert.

Buying a pharmacy is an investment of a lifetime. It is a complicated process that requires an experienced pharmacy broker to work on your behalf.

Put the power of knowledge on your side. When buying a pharmacy, there are many considerations to be aware of. Some are obvious; some are not. Continue reading

Maximize your borrowing power.

Leverage your money and maximize your borrowing power. Take advantage of our experience in the pharmacy industry to provide the most competitive and flexible loan options. Continue reading

Get the highest price.

In today’s competitive market for buying and selling a pharmacy, many owners leave significant sums of money on the negotiating table. The valuation process is an extremely important and valuable tool to help determine the true market value of your pharmacy. Continue reading

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